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The old story needs to be retold now. When we are saying “living with video games” or “living in video games”, we are not merely describing a so-called Otaku who stay-up several nights to play well in League of Legends, nor are we thrilled that our avatar in Second Life is going to wed someone in the game. The year is 2018, when the video game industry is grad- ually taking over the entertainment industry, and becoming one of the core economic sectors in the coming future.

The year 2020 is the year when people and the world are isolated from each other. Because of the epidemic, people around the world are more or less trapped in their homes. In many parts of the world, governments are trying to control the epidemic by controlling their citizens’ mobility. In Paris, an old man with a chronic illness needs a doctor's note to go out; in Melbourne, traffic disappears every evening and people are confined to their homes; in every concrete-forested cities, access to nature is more and more difficult; airlines are closing down one after another and trains are empty of passengers.

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